Villa Biondelli

Aristocratic Estate for a Fairy Tale Stay


Villa Biondelli is a beautiful Italian estate dating from the 18th century located at Bornato in Franciacorta. The villa, which is still surrounded by its pristine park and vineyards, has recently been renovated to the highest standards in order to enhance its charm and is now ready to be discovered by all those who appreciate fine wines, decor and interiors. 

Our exclusive resort, well equipped with state of the art facilities, grants every guest who steps within its grounds the chance to lose track of time while being spoiled by the dedicated staff and to experience a dreamlike atmosphere of a bygone era with all modern comforts. 

To complete this unique scenery.... please read what follows. 

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The Genie of the Lamp

In the heart of the wine region of Franciacorta, a few minutes away from Lake Iseo, Villa Biondelli offers a timeless atmosphere ideal for rest and relaxation. You can do as much or as little as you like enjoying the fresh countryside air as you wonder around our beautiful park bound as site belonging to the Italian heritage.

During the Second World War, due to the air raids on Milan, the villa became home to the production of one of the first animated feature films of the history of cinema. Also dubbed in English and released on foreign markets with the title The Singing Princess, it was inspired from the story of the Genie of the Lamp about fifty years before the production of Aladdinanimated movie by Walt Disney Pictures, which was derived, just as The Singing Princess from the tales of the One Thousand and One Nights.

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The aristocratic elegant interiors are thus a mix between the original antique furnishing of the villa, with a bit of a bohemian ethnic twist, chosen specifically to honour such film after almost eighty years from its making. 

A selection  of the authentic watercolours and drawings have been used as core inspiration for the refurbishment of the resort whilst two shutters painted by the creators of the movie have been preserved as memoires of the production.

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Seasonal products, 100% Organic


Villa Biondelli has opened to its guests at the beginning of spring 2018, offering a Bed and Breakfast service. It is our commitment to try to fulfil any desire or request so to make your stay unforgettable.

A bottle of our fine organic Franciacorta will be offered to you as complimentary beverage within your minibar selection. We collaborate with local chefs who each morning will prepare your breakfast in order to provide you with a widespread choice of daily baked croissants, local products for you to taste, organic fruit and vegetables, fresh eggs and yogurts from local farms, all Km 0.

Every evening from 6pm an aperitivo will be served in each area of our grounds, may it be in the park, in your room, or maybe in one of our salotti. You will be able to taste a tagliere of local products and cheese from nearby farms as well as a selection of fresh breads and breadsticks daily baked by our staff. 

We focus on a seasonal cuisine. All our selection of food and drinks will, therefore, change throughout the year in order to provide you with a different menu (e.g. freshly squeezed juices: strawberries during the summer, oranges in May, pomegranates at the end of September and so on). 

This is because we care about our guests and their health as much as we care about the environment, its products, and the impact we leave behind us.

Villa Biondelli is a delightful place to come and discover especially suitable for the appreciators of top quality organic wines!


We care about our land


The eco-friendly commitment of Cantine and Villa Biondelli is based on the production of organic wines and the respect for our land which we cultivate without chemicals or pesticides.

Such approach was also implemented in the refurbishment of the aristocratic dwelling, which was executed according to the respect of the environment by using sustainable materials, as well as handcrafted linen and textiles. 

We are constantly committed to reduce our environmental impact, which is when you also come in by considering the following during your stay at Villa Biondelli:


✓  please remember to turn off the air-conditioning when you leave your room. It is always nice to escape from heat, but the conditioning systems are modern and efficient and you won't have to wait long for them to cool your room once you return. There are split units in each room to keep you cool or warm as well as heated towel-rails in the bathrooms;

✓   please remember to turn off the all the lights and the TV as you leave your room;

✓   help us save water and energy by not having your towels to be changed daily. You can do so by hanging them back up once you've used them. Otherwise just leave them on the floor and we'll replace them.


looking forward to meet you at Villa Biondelli

magical land where you would never want to leave